Aliens in the Attic
Publisher: Playlogic
Rating: Everone 10+
Price: $29.99       To Order:
Platform(s): DS

Aliens have invaded the attic upstairs and are trying to take over the Earth. It's your job to fend them off! Use Hannah's jumping talents, Tom's engineering knowledge and Jake's heavy weapon skills to complete this fun, challenging platform adventure and save the planet from these knee high invaders.

Ed Note: Basically a platform shooter with unlimited ammo. Don't know if it follows the movie - but each character has a special ability. Tom is the engineering type and is the one who can operate the aliens' weapons. Jake supplies the muscle and can handle the heavier weapons. Hannah - poor Hannah is the jumper and is used to get the guys up to the higher places. She has no defense and can be a liability since the health bar is shared by all. Stylus is a poor aiming instrument - better to use the D-pad. There is no multiplayer. Text can be in English, French, Dutch, Italian or Spanish.