Half-Minute Hero
Publisher: Xseed
Rating: Everyone 10+
Price: $27.99
Platform(s): PSP

For some, this game will contain, "all of the best and none of the rest". There are four different game play modes, with different storylines and characters: Hero - action RPG, Evil Lord - real-time strategy, Princess - action shooter, Knight - a protecting mission. What they have in common is that each game must be solved in 30 seconds. A clever idea, like leaving out the "kissing part" in the movies.

The music is new-age but the graphics are old-age - 8-bit pixels. But. If you want to "cut to the chase" - just battle, with none of the other stuff - this one's for you. For some of us - we'll wait for the "other stuff".

The release is only on the PSP and has a nice detailed and colorful manual. I never have been able to resolve the gorgeous, detailed art accompanying these games with the 8-bit pixel graphics in the games. Always feels like bait and switch to me.

It's a provocative challenge, "Save the world - 30 seconds at a time" .