James Bond 007 Everything or Nothing   - Box

James Bond 007 Everything or Nothing
Ages: Teen

Since my fave movie star is suave Pierce Brosnan, I am happy to find that 007- Everything or Nothing is in the third person. I'd rather look at James than play him in first person. Here you have the best of both worlds - a game play that plays like an interactive movie. Gads, they have brought back all the voices: Brosnan, John Cleese (Q), Judi Dench (M), and Dick Keil (Jaws). There is plenty of action and some of the sites are reminiscent of Bond pictures - a secret facility in Egypt and a mountain top fortress that has appeared in at least two Bond movies. There are enough vehicles and vehicle chases - air, land and sea to make the game completely satisfying. Bond doesn't just use his fists and guns -- anything you can find can be used to clobber the bad guys/gals. This is the best Bond game ever.

Reviewed by: Editor - 09/04

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