The American Girl: Julie Finds a Way  - Review

The American Girl: Julie Finds a Way
Ages: Everyone

Julie is one of the most popular American Girls characters - both in stories and dolls. We have reviewed, Julie Saves the Eagles on the PC. Moving to the DS platform presents problems along with the availability of the handheld. The navigation with the D-pad is so clumsy. You have to constantly back Julie out to turn around, she gets stuck in greenery and often you have to mash the D-pad to find her. This game is crying out for touch screen maneuvering. Open doors are entrances and exits - wouldn't it be nice if you just touched a door and Julie would walk to it. Girls who are into the American Girls ethos will put up with the sore thumbs and probably love it.

Onto the game. Julie and her sister Tracy are part of a divorced family. This is pretty novel. There are visits to Dad's house and Julie's sister rebelling by not going. The time is the '70's, just after the boom of the '60's and takes place in San Francisco. There is the first day at school, making friends angst, trying to join a boys basketball team. Funny, Coach Man-ley being firm about only boys. Title 9 was about to be implemented in the '70's. Well, Julie has a lot to do, train her pet bunny, learn sign language, rescue eagles once again, and if those weren't enough she takes a trip across the country in a covered wagon. There are also mini-games to keep you from being bored.

The graphic are pretty detailed for the screen size, and the story is pure American Girl - poles apart from the Bratz. With all the activity in Julie's life, the setting, the time - there is little excitement. Maybe if the navigation was easier

DS Multi-Card wireless connected games require one game card per player. Bummer

Fun Factor: Clever contemporary themes would have been better served by using the touch screen for naviagation
Female Factor: Almost too wholesome - but that's American Girl.
Player Friendly: Game is saved every time you move to a new location. Three different camera controls are useful

Reviewed by: Editor - 03/09

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