Chicken Little: Ace in Action - Review

Chicken Little: Ace in Action
Ages: 10+

Cool as the game was on the DS, playing it on the Wii was one-and-a-half-times as much fun. The story is the same, the graphics have been expanded so that each venue -- Mars, Pluto, Saturn and the Moon are given a different palette and looks. The images, on my standard TV screen gave the game lots more punch, even without hi-def.

Ace is still the ground fighter, Runt the tank driver and Abby the Starship pilot. Three different fighters, but basically all of them are shooting at enemies although you shoot on land, tank and air. The nunchuk controls the movement and the Wii-mote the targeting and shooting. Similarity in nunchuk and mote control throughout the game makes it easier for the 10+, but it's not only a kid's game.

This was the second Wii game I have reviewed the first was Rampage. Surprisingly it's not as easy as the advertisements show. It took me awhile to get left and right straightened out and it's not all just waving the note, you still have to handle the buttons. But, as I got more comfortable with the Wii my two hands became immersed, almost connected to the game. The Wii is still new and we are a long way from the optimum usage of this little machine but what potential it has.

Reviewed by: Editor - 01/07

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