Alibi Junior High - Review

Alibi Junior High
Ages: Teen

Having reviewed movies and games involving the difficulty new girls face in Junior High, I figured it would be interesting to take a look at the other gender in this book. Is being accepted important, do clothes matter, are their bullies, are you an outsider? Yes to all four, but there is a complication. At thirteen, Cody is a junior CIA operative. Trained by his father, they have been working around the world as an undercover team. Dangerous complications have made is essential that Cody be sent to his aunt for safety's sake. Living in a small Connecticut town and going to the local Junior High requires a lot of adjustment for one who ducks at the sound of a firecracker, is skilled in martial arts and is always on guard.

The story goes back and forth between Cody's past harrowing experiences and his days in school where he truly is a stranger in a strange land. In spite of Cody's arrogance and hairspring temper, readers will keep on rooting for him as he slowly makes friends. As certain situations develop, Cody will get to use his CIA acquired skills.

The tempo doesn't flag as it bounces between self revelation and interactions and action. Will Cody change Connecticut, or will Connecticut change Cody? A real page-turner.

Reviewed by: Editor - 06/09

  • Alibi Junior High
  • Author: Greg Logsted
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