The American Girls Dress Designer - Box

The American Girls Dress Designer
Ages 7 & Up

I like Dress Designer because you can make your own dress designs and print them out. There are little dolls in the box and you can cut the clothes out and put them on the dolls. First you pick out a girl to make clothes for. You can chose from different girls to dress. Then you can make your own fabric with little stamps. You can change the color of the back ground but you can't change the stamps. After you save the fabric you can use the fabric to make the girls a dress. You can also give the girls different hats and shoes. There are a lot of hats and shoes to chose from. You can add buttons and ribbons to the dresses you make. The girls are named Felicity, Josephina, Kristen, Abby, Samantha and Molly. I am going to make clothes for all the girls. You can also make a portfolio of all your dress designs. This is a little picture book with pictures of the girls wearing all the dresses you make. It prints out so you can fold it up and make a book. You can punch holes in the book and use a ribbon to tie it together. I am going to give my friend Nicole a copy of the portfolio.

The program is easy to use but it was hard at the beginning. It didn't have any instruction so I had to keep clicking stuff until I figured out how it worked. If you make a mistake you have to keep clicking until it goes away. Sometimes you have to wait awhile before you can pick a dress. It wasn't fun until I figured out how to do it.

I would recommend it to girls who like to go shopping for clothes. Girls who like Barbies would probably like it. It might be too hard for a first grader. Teenagers are probably too old for it.

Reviewed by: Liz S.

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