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Ages: Everyone

I searched out this game after I became totally besotted with Benoit Socal's fantasy and artwork in Syberia. Benoit has a reputation in Europe as an accomplished comic book artist. Although AmerZone is derived from his comic book story - it feel much more than that. The graphics, whether they be inside of fantastic mechanical constructs or floating through primordial swamps are profusely rendered. His draughtsmanship, evident in the drawing on the walls, books and notes of instructions adds to the artistic richness of the environments.

The story begins with a mysterious letter urging you to contact Alex Valembois to find out about his quest to return to the mystical land of Amerzone. Your journey begins on a moody, desolate stretch of beach walking towards a distant lighthouse. The interior of the lighthouse is fantastic and resembles some of the complex intricate mechanized factories of Syberia There you find the dying Alex who tells you about the White Birds that will restore harmony to a world gone berserk. As it turns out, Alex has saved and protected the egg which must be returned to Amerizone to hatch. You journey will take you through a tropical forest, to a native village and into a primordial swamps with animal and bird life. You then have to negotiate a trek to a mountain top stronghold, and find your way to the heart of a volcano. There are some side trips that I have omitted, but you get the idea.

There is less game play than in Syberia but the environments are so interesting and beautifully detailed as to inspire awe. Clearly artistic talent counts. The game is a real steal and if you like to collect "historical" games of favorite designers - don't pass this one up.

Reviewed by: Editor - 04/03

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