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Anakin's Speedway
Ages 4 & Up

I didn't like Anakin's Speedway because it got boring very quickly. You can only do a couple of things in the game. My favorite thing was building the race course but it gets boring really quickly. The other thing you can do is drive your pod racer around your track. Even though some tracks are hard you just go around and around the track. You never really finish a race. I went around the track as many times as it would go and then it goes back to zero. You crash a lot - even on the easy tracks but even if you crash you can keep going. I don't know if you can actually win or not, or if you can race other drivers because it doesn't come with any instructions and it is very hard to figure out. It didn't bother me that Anakin was a boy but he is very boring and acts like a baby. He was boring even in the movie. A second grade boy might like it but I don't think any girls would like it a lot even if they liked racing games. Even a forth grade boy would find it boring.

Reviewed by: Liz S.

  • Anakin's Speedway
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  • Windows 95/98
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