Ape Escape 2 - Box

Ape Escape 2
Ages: Everyone

Jimmy has accidentally let the powerful brain enhancement Helmet get into the hands of Specter and now the intelligent monkey minions are trying to take over the world for a second time. Your job is to catch them - 200 of them. You have Gotcha Gagets at your disposal like a stun gun, monkey net, sling shot shooter and monkey radar. To take you to all the places you need to go, you have special vehicles like the sky flyer, a turtle boat that is impervious to lava, a snowmobile and a submarine. Strategy is required because there many different monkeys with different traits. Once again the monkeys are on the loose. Keep an eye out for their pants color so you know who and what.

Reviewed by: Editor - 09/03

Beware! Wild Monkeys on the loose! This game is wild; enough to make any sane person go ape. Jimmy, the monkey chaser, must capture all the monkeys that have escaped in order to move onto the next level…and of course, the game just gets more complicated and increasingly challenging. With each level completed Jimmy gets a new gadget to help him in his monkey-capturing journey. Controlling Jimmy while switching the gadgets you want to use gets tough; the monkeys move fast and if you’re not fast enough they’ll get away. Every control on the PS2 eventually gets utilized-this is where the game gets confusing and difficult. Multiple controls and changing gadgets one from the other can cause great frustration and confusion. It’s a good idea to get to know which monkeys are which-some are significantly slower than others and on the flip side of that some monkeys are significantly FASTER than others. There are also monkeys that yield gadgets themselves so be aware. It’s also a good idea to make use of the practice rounds in order to familiarize yourself with the Gotcha Gadgets and the controls to make them useful. This game is difficult (although amusing) and rated “E for Everyone” however I believe smaller children under the age of 6 would have a tough time with this one.

Reviewed by: Stephani H. - 11/03

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