Arthur and the Invisibles  - Review

Arthur and the Invisibles
Ages: Everyone

A young boy, hunting around in an attic, finds a telescope looks through it and voila! He is transported into a fantastic land the jungle in his backyard. It's a little like the Ant Bully, but in this case Arthur is a more kindly child and instead of being taught a lesson by the ants he finds a friendly traveler, Betameche, and eventually meets up with his sister, Selenia, and of course develops a crush on her. His mission, is to save the inhabitants from destruction (the Mimimoys) while finding his grandfather's treasure. The characters, all with special skills, must work together to advance the game by fighting and solving puzzles. Betameche, a pipsqueak with a big name can crawl through tiny spaces, Arthur is the high jumper and climber, Princess Selenia, with her sword, is toughest in battle a strong and beautiful female. Yea!

The graphics are minutely tooled, giving a richness to the verdant jungle and the bugs that inhabit it. The characters, sprouting hair like the trolls of yesteryear could easily bring those hairy toys back. On the Game Boy, it is a platform side scroller. I can only imagine that on the consoles it is quite a luxuriant game. The game is adapted from the movie which is adapted from Luc Besson's, Arthur and the Invisibles -- but the Invisibles were invisible and I settled for the Mimimoys.

Reviewed by: Editor - 01/07

  • Arthur and the Invisibles
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  • Platform(s): GBA
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