Avatar: The Last Air Bender Book 2:Earth Volume 2 - Review

Avatar: The Last Air Bender Book 2:Earth Volume 2
Ages: Everyone

I came to the DVD of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Book 2: Earth Volume 2, after having played the game and I would have enjoyed the game much more had I been exposed to the Avatar story. The game was mostly action battles and doing errands for the townspeople. But Avatar, I now realize is a magnificent heroic epic. The characters are interesting each with a well developed personality, and with traits and powers drawn from Asian myths. While the main character is male, there are plenty of strong and interesting female characters for girls. Book 1 contains 5 volumes from the Nickelodeon series. Here in Book 2 we are in the middle of the story with:

The Blind Bandit - Here Aang first meets up with Toph, a blind Earthbender. Protected by her parents, she rebels by creating an alter ego - The Blind Bandit and becomes the champion of an underground Earthbending tournament. Her sullen independence is an interesting foil to the friendly camaraderie of the group.

Zuko Alone - Prince Zuko didn't make it into the game. A heroic and troubled character, banished and scarred by his father, is still in pursuit of Aang.

Bitter Work - While waterbending was pretty easy for Aang earthbending is hard and Toph is not a patient teacher. If that's not enough, the team is pursued by Princess Azula, a skilled and cruel Firebender, and mean to the bone.

The Library - I found this volume/chapter the most interesting. Aang and his friends find an ancient library almost completely buried in the sand. Inside, a giant owl spirit guards the knowledge from misuse. It is here, in the planetarium, they find out that eclipses of the sun take away the powers of the Firebenders. So much for Book2, Volume 2 To be Continued.

I must say that I am impressed with the quality of the show and the DVD. Might have to start watching Saturday Morning television.

Fun Factor: A kid's story with the complexity and depth of some of our great heroic epics.
Female Factor: Lots of wonderful female characters.

Reviewed by: Editor - 05/07

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