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Rating: Everyone

From the people that brought you Physicus except that this one is much easier. There are still dark spots that hide objects that you have to pick up, but the questions are pretty simple and for more science help you can go to the Big Brain.

The action takes place in a abandoned science complex lots of rusted textures, doors to open, strange rooms to explore and defunct robots lying about waiting, waiting. It's not really an action game but a wander game where you find things needed to open up other areas of the complex. You charge up your pass key by answering question and they are pretty easy.

The back story is irrelevant someone is trapped and sends you messages via the Big Brain. The BB is also a source of scientific information. A solvable game compared to Physicus, and in case you get stuck there is a Help.pdf file on disk 1 with guides nicely indexed to pictures of the different scenes. And remember all of Tivola's games play on the MAC.

Editor Review 5/02

I got really excited when I saw the box for the CD Bioscopia. I said to myself, "This is going to be one of those really long games that has stunning graphics." Well, I was right. It is really long and the graphics are great.

The story of Bioscopia is interesting. A long time ago, in a hidden mountain region, scientists had created many robots of considerable size, and were planning to sell them all over the world as workers and slaves. So it's no wonder the robots turned evil and overpowered their makers. (I mean, who wouldn't?) But they went a little over the top when they started pumping deadly gas. After everyone was dead, they had nothing to do, so they shut down. Years later a curious young scientist finds Bioscopia. Unaware of the danger, she ventures inside and traps herself. Setting off alarms, she awakens the long dormant robots. She catches a disease, and you have to save her before it's too late - you know the drill.

What I like about the game is that you require knowledge of Botany, Biology, Zoology and so forth. When I read that in the manual I thought, wait! I have to know this stuff before I start the game?! Well, it turns out you don't have to. They teach it to you. That's what I liked about it. It's really fun learning about Botany, Zoology, etc.

What I didn't like about this game? That's easy. The robots! They're big and they've got these red eyes, a single antenna on their head, Ugh! It scared me out of my wits when I opened a door and found one looking at me (alive).

This game is fun but I would rate it too scary and hard for children younger than seven. But I thought it was a great game.

Reviewed by: Micah M.

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