Backstreet Boys: Puzzles in Motion - Box

Backstreet Boys: Puzzles in Motion
Ages Teen

This game is a must have for every Backstreet fan. But others unwillingly will admit that it kind of caught their eye: a Backstreet Boys video has been cut up into multiple, scrambled pieces and some have even been mirrored or rotated. You have to put them back into the original pattern. Being a fan proves quite useful when you have to do this from memory: you do not see the picture before it was scrambled. Being a fan, I personally liked that this was a game featuring my favorite group and that I could see their videos and hear their music. One disadvantage, though, was that the moving pieces of the picture make you so dizzy! After a while of playing you have to take a breather! Also, the game play is one player at a time. But the game is very engaging: it's hard to stop because once you beat every video clip you advance to a harder video-puzzle! So I think that even if you don't like the Backstreet Boys, you could like this game!

Ed Note: This is a new direction for girl games - Music videos plus star power. Soon to come N Sync

Reviewed by Julia R 12/99

  • Backstreet Boys: Puzzles in Motion
  • © 1999 Backstreet Boys Inc, Ravensberg/Enteractive $19.95
  • Windows 3.1/95/98 Mac 7.5+