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Barbie as Explorer
Ages 6+

Barbie dies!!! And you have to start the level over again. This game goes against two of the most sacred precepts of girl games. (1) No dying and (2) No starting over. Also – there are no clothes choices. Barbie wears a Indiana Jones style getup, and in fact she could have just as well been young Jones with all the jumping, pushing and tumbling she does.

This is basically an arcade game where Barbie has to avoid hazards to get through the levels. The action is pretty similar regardless of where it takes place – Barbie meets all hazards proceeding straight forward. There are four locations – Jungle, Tibet, Egypt plus a mystery location when you get through the first three. Two can play this game at the same time by taking turns with different characters - highest score wins the level. It's hardly the same old Barbie, and that's a win, but the action is limited and repetitive and the rewards are too far apart.

Editor Review 10/02

First things first. This game is HARD!!!!! IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! DISGUSTINGLY EXCRUCIATING!!!!! Unless you are possessed, DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!! I swear, I spent three hours a day on it, and it is impossible! You can buy it, if,

1. You have the patience of a saint.
2. You want to give it to your worst enemy. (If you do, just listen somewhere in a three mile radius and you'll hear the sizzle of brains.)
3. You are a video game maniac (More on that later.)
4. You have little voices in you head that tell you what to do. (A.k.a. crazy!)

Is it age appropriate?
No. It is nobody appropriate.

The game play is frustrating.

What is the goal?
To annoy you out of your wits. Oh, you mean the goal. To collect pieces of the "magic mirror" (Oooh, exciting…. Not!)

Does it have replay appeal?

Would you play it again?
Only if you paid me two million in small, unmarked bills.

How are sounds?
They are just fine.

How are the graphics?
Good. But if you get face front with Barbie… *Shudder*

Could you play it with another girl?
Well, there is a two player option, but, ugh, you have enough heart not to put them into such suffering, right?

If I made the game I would have - Serious mental problems.

It has the potential to be played on game cube by those poor boys who have played so many games that if you ask them directions they will point with their thumb, not their pointer finger.

My advice? Run while you still can.

Reviewed by (A very annoyed) Brigit B Age 11

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