Barbie Digital Makeover - Box

Barbie Digital Makeover
Ages 6 and Up

This one is more fun that putting on your mother's lipstick and shoes. Among all the makeup game products - this one gives the nicest results. You will certainly look different - but good! You can work with existing faces but of course the most fun is doing you and your friends. You don't need a Barbie Digital Camera but you do need a digitized photo in bmp or jpeg format.

You put on blush, lipstick and eye shadow and select hair style and color. The areas are pre-selected so no putting eyeshadow on your cheeks - I already tried. You can select from existing makeup colors - or design your own. Skin color selections look natural while hair color can be pretty wild.

Although the box shows toothy smiles on the cover - the template for lips is closed. For the best results, take a close up of your face, smile with your mouth closed, pull your hair back from your face and if your eye brows are light - darken them so they will show up on the photo. The controls to adjust your photo to an image for makeover are the best I have seen - meaning they really work.

When you are finished your image is placed into a party setting and here you can select your clothing. Oh, and here is where you get your neck and shoulders. While putting on makeup you work with a disembodied head. There is also an option to get bridal stuff - this is Barbie after all. And they do a clever trick of letting you rotate the head so you can get a side view. It adds a lot to making the image more realistic. Good show!

Editor Review 10/00

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