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Barbie Groovy Games
Ages: 6+

A perfect game for a handheld. An inventive take on some standard games which puts strategy into what was rote and ordinary. Nine games that are designed to have two players pass the Game Boy Advance from hand to hand, but also let a single player play against the computer. Bubble Machine is like Tetris, except that you shoot down groups of bubbles of like color with the bubble in your cannon - the catch is that the canon bubble is random, so you have to plan ahead. Gems and Jewels is similar to Tic Tac Toe, except that there are four different types of 'jewels' that will make for a score, and so there is more strategy involved. There is also a word guessing game, Daisy Derby, that works surprising well, even for one player. Dance and Move is a mini version of the games of hitting keys or stepping in time to music. In Conga Line you score by adding new girls to your conga line. The other games involve matching, more tic-tac-toes and the proverbial checkers. You can play as Barbie or one of her six other friends including Ken for those boys who will want to play. The games doesn't use the R or L buttons it's a shame that it wasn't made to play on the Game Boy also.

Editor Review 10/02

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