Barbie Magic Genie Bottle - Box

Barbie Magic Genie Bottle
Ages 5 and Up

The point of the game is to find the puzzle pieces in each land. There are four lands you have to finish so you can save Genie. There will be a puzzle game in each land. When you finish the puzzle game you will get a jewel. Did I like it? It was OK. The parts I like the best was when I helped the people in the land find their missing treasures. I think that girls, over 8 years old , would understand and enjoy this game. I think that 5 to 8 would have a hard time understanding the game. There is some stuff I don't like. When you ask for help from the Genie she gets in the way. The genie's mouth is not moving when she talks, her mouth only works when she laughs. Genie doesn't really help you like they tell you at the beginning of the game. If you get too close to things get fuzzy (pixilated - ed.) and may cause you to get dizzy. In general I think that it was very hard to find the pieces. The help and directions supplied were not very clear.

I have played other games that were much more interesting but it was not boring and it was very pretty. I would like to take some time when school is out and just play it again. The sounds and all the voice were good. The music was wonderful and I think that all girls would enjoy it.

You would be able to play this game with others because it was pretty hard, this would help a lot. I had some friends that played this game with me and they also though it was cool.

The game could be better if there were more clues that you could ask for. If I could move the genie to a good position so she does not get in the way.

Reviewed by Samantha F 12/00

From Samantha's Grandfather - I think that the directions were in the jewel case and were too small for my eyes. Samantha also keeps the CDs in a book and not In the jewel case, so there is a chance that the directions would get lost. I would suggest that the directions also be available on-line and printable from the CD.

Editor's Note This is the first real 3D Barbie game and a welcomed change from the side scroller. You can even use the magic carpet to fly about. All the lands you visit could be out of the Arabian Nights. Barbie will appear if you lift the top from the jeweled bottle. Yes - it has jewels and they light up. Rubbing the bottle will cause certain things to happen: Barbie will offer to solve three of the five puzzles for you, objects will be lifted up from ground so you can search under them and Barbie will laugh and spread magic genie dust. I don't know what you can do with the bottle after you finish the game. It would be fun if they made it so you could use it as a night light.

HINT: For tips on finding objects, see Answers & Hints

  • Barbie Magic Genie Bottle
  • © Mattel Interactive 2000 $39.95
  • Windows 95/98 Requires 3 AA Batteries