Barbie Mermaid Adventure - Box

Barbie Mermaid Adventure
Ages: 4-6

There is always a group of Barbie fans -- just ask most five year olds. These are the little girls who dress up and play princess and bride and love jewels and pink things. Mothers, never fear soon they will only sport jeans and baseball caps. Meanwhile Barbie Mermaid Adventure will please many of them. There are plenty of crowns to bejewel, glowing rainbows, gems to find an collect, and a search for rainbow dolphins to return rainbow light for the celebration on the magic shell.

Barbie navigates through a sunken ship, coral reefs and kelp forests to pick up decorations to embellish the stage, make and send party invitations to her sea friends and even compose a song for the event.

Barbie's movement as a mermaid is even better than in Barbie Ocean Adventure where she scuba dived with flippers. This is a very pretty game -- a little too short, but a very pretty game.

Reviewed by: Editor - 07/03

Dad: The girls really like this one. Barbie, mermaids, and dolphins pretty much sums up a game that girls age 5 to about 8 will really enjoy. Neither of the girls had much trouble with any of the puzzles in this title, and the few times one of them did, the other was the one who actually helped out figuring what to do. My input was mostly watching and coming to see what they had just accomplished. The girls have replayed this one about 3 times. This game re-emphasizes just about every theme a good Barbie game has: girl power, thinking, pretty jewelry, pretty music, cute animals, and a lovely celebration at the end. The puzzles were also standard Barbie fare, just set up a little different to fit the mermaid mood. None of the puzzles required reading, which was a big help to my youngest daughter who just turned 6 and is just now learning to read. A very good game that will hold your daughter for a couple of hours at a time if they like Barbie and mermaids and what little girl doesn't?

Caelyn: I liked how you searched all over the ocean for the different puzzles in the game. I liked the jewelry maze and making the crying baby cuddle fish go to sleep. I really liked the magical dolphin. I loved everything about the game. Lindsey: When you are done finding all of the lost Dolphins, you get to go to the celebration and make your own music. I really like the jewelry maze because it's so fun. You have to find all of the jewelry and keys to go thru the gates and avoid the crabs.

Reviewed by: Dad and Caelyn - 7 & Lindsey - 6

Reviewed by: Editor - 05/04

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