Barbie Pet Rescue - Box

Barbie Pet Rescue
Ages 5 and Up

Barbie Pet Rescue

In this game you have to find all the pets and bring them back to the P.R.C. (the Pet Rescue Center) and then take care of them. I think that the game was okay, and that most girls would like it. I liked that you could take care of the animals and play games with them. For instance, when you take the bunny to the check up room, you can take burrs out of its fur.

While the activities were pretty interesting, the action was pretty repetitive and so once I played it I probably wouldn't pay it again. Sometimes the voices went all wacky at times, like "All of-of-of her vital si-si-signs are strong."

The graphics were very good, and the animals were very cute. The sound was pretty good, and the music consisted mainly of twitters and meows and other sounds. This is a one-person game. I agree with the stated age range, because this is a little kid game. I think that the game is a really good one for kids.

Ed. note:

Pretty good animation and graphics - Barbie in hiking boots with her little sister Stacie helping out. The animals are really cute and petting them will generally get you a purr or a lick.

Reviewed by Kelly B. 01/01

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  • Windows 95/98