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Barbie Princess Bride
Ages 4 and Up

The point of this game is to get a wedding ready for Barbie. You have to do many things including passing out invitations, making a wedding cake, doing a lot of romantic things like singing, getting Prince Ken to where Barbie is, designing a wedding dress, and then make a little portrait.

I think that it was a little too easy for a lot of things and once you did it for the first time it got boring. I don't think that girls older than seven would like it. It's fun to sail the prince back to the place because it's challenging since there's islands and little dragons which will drive you back to the start and it's funny to see the wind since it's this big cloud and it's got this little face that breathes in and out, in and out.

This game did not have any problems with its quickness and pictures except it did have a little drawback when you were decorating the cake since you can only put one little pedestal on top and you have all these other things like a swan, heart, cupid and a couple that you might want to use.

The game play was interesting for the first time and after that the only thing was interesting in the second, third and fourth was decorating the cake and designing the wedding dress. After that it was boring.

The graphics were not too good since they were just pictures which moved back and forth and opened their mouths a couple of times and it was a little slow. They kept saying the same thing over and over.

The sound was pretty good and the voices were nice and clear and when Barbie sang at that time my babysitter was holding a little baby and I played the song and the baby quieted down.

I don't really think it's a two-girl game because then it would be like, "No, don't do that," "over there, over there."

This would be good only for younger girls but I think that for people like me who are 10 or 9 will probably think of it as "Eww, Barbie, boring, yuck." But younger girls will probably go, "Mommy, look, do you like my dress? Mommy, isn't my cake pretty?"

Reviewed by Susie B 12/00

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