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Barbie Super Sport
Ages 5 and up

I really liked Barbie Super sports a lot. You can do two kinds of sports: in line skating and snow boarding. Skating is the hardest because it is so hard to control. When you are skating you can jump, go up ramps, skate through obstacle courses and do tricks. You get points by completing courses ranging from easy to hard. You use your points to buy skating outfits and roller skates. Each pair of skates can do different tricks.

Snow boarding was my favorite. In snow boarding you can also pick your own outfits and snow boards. My favorite outfit was blue with red flames. I also liked the snow board that was blue with red flames. You earn your points by completing courses. You do jumps, snow board through obstacle courses, and race other Barbies. I don't think you can race other Barbies in skating. Besides getting points you can also win medals.

It was easy to figure out how to play. I only had a little problem figuring out how to buy the expensive clothes. I found out that I had 100 tickets to spend so I bought a 50 ticket snow outfit and a 50 ticket snow board, Then I found out that you earn points in the game that turns into tickets so you can buy the other clothes and snow boards. I think a third grade girl to fifth grade girl would like it. I think even a boy would like it if it wasn't a Barbie games. A girl who likes sports and Barbies would like it, not just a girl who likes Barbies. A girl who likes video games would also like it if she also liked Barbies.

Reviewed by Liz S.

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