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Barbie Horse Adventures - Wild Horse Rescue
Ages: 7 and up

Well, Barbie has finally made it to the PS2 and the Xbox and age range is slightly higher 7 and up instead of 5 and up. All kidding aside - it is the most interesting of the other three platform version of the game. There are horses and foals to rescue, races to win, and Barbie has to add assistance to get past certain obstacles. The game has three very different locals for horse and rider to navigate: a scenic mountain trail; snowy mountain trails and ice caves; and a sandy shoreline with picturesque lighthouse The horse animations are very lifelike Your horse will actually shies if you attempt a too difficult action. The sounds are good too. The hoof beats correspond to the actual surface.

Oh, I almost forgot - yes you can select outfits for Barbie and colors for the horse. But the star of the game is the horse.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/03

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