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Batman Rise of Sin Tzu
Ages: Teen -Violence

It's easy to get excited at the beginning of this game. You can play as Batman, Robin, Batgirl and Nightwing. Each character has different fighting abilities, some quicker and some stronger. Each platform has a different villain - also with different capabilities. Scarecrow's special power is fear and once he launches the green fog - everything goes twisty and psychedelic (my favorite ). Clayface can break off pieces of himself to make more clay people. Bane, like the dog, uses steroids, to increase his strength . Sin Tzu, with his golden claws and martial arts expertise is the Bosses Boss. The game allows for two player so you and your partner can gang up on the villains and this is lots of fun. Where the game falls down is that each level looks and plays the same. Even the villains begin to look the same and there is no respite from fighting. So, it is only a dedicated Batman fan who will get beyond the second level.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/03

This game was a lot of fun. Batman has adventure, intrigue, villains, suspense, heroes and a heroine. Like lots of other hero adventure-type games you can pick which hero you want to be. You can also choose to be the one and only heroine, Batgirl. Although when I did this I found myself working really hard to defeat the villains. I was giving more punches and lots more kicks than when I was Batman. I was disappointed with Batgirl's abilities and was wishing she could do more. Sadly, Batgirl is unimpressive in this game. I quickly changed back to being Batman.

The graphics are real good. However, the graphics were pretty much the same through out several levels. There were a lot of dark alleys and unlit Gotham City streets. Your mission in this game is to save the streets of Gotham City from the evil Sin Tzu who has several criminals helping him out. These criminals try to get in your way, they also try to harm the citizens of Gotham City and you must try to get to them before your time runs out. You can switch heroes during the game however I found Batman to be the strongest and able to beat the villains much easier than with the other heroes. The controls are pretty basic. I didn't have any specific techniques other than to just hit the buttons at random and move the arrows in the direction I wanted. I was able to defeat the villains without any problem with this technique.

I had a lot of fun with this game but because the scenery doesn't change that drastically and the story line is the same throughout I found myself getting more tired much sooner than with other games.

Reviewed by: Stephanie H. - 12/03

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  • Batman Rise of Sin Tzu - Box

    Batman Rise of Sin Tzu Strategy Guide

    I am proposing a great new idea. Before you buy a game - take a look at the strategy guide. If you did that with Batman Rise of Sin Tzu you would have gotten some idea of the relentless fighting and the similarity of the levels. The guide, aside from the standard blow-by-blow description, gives a nice four page colorful table of the button controls for the moves - and there are many. There is information about bonus features and if you get tired battling - there are cheats at the end of the book.

    Reviewed by: Editor - 12/03

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