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Generally I recommend that you read the manual before playing the game. The manual for Bionicle is so weird - that maybe you should just get into the game and mash the buttons. The following is an actual paragraph so you can see what I mean. It is describing a Toa - a mechanical Lego-like super powered guardian hero.

"The volcanic region of Ta-Wahi, dominated by the Mangai Volcano, is watched over by Tahu, the Toa of Fire. This dramatic landscape, with its caverns and craters surrounded by burning streams of molten rock, is home to the Ta-Matoran, who are guided by the wise Turage Vakama. Hot tempered and quick to act, Toa Taha must master his impatience to safely navigate the floating platforms and treacherous crumbling rocks that span Ta-Wahi's boiling lava flows. When he becomes Tahu Nuva, his quick reactions will be put to the test as he surfs Ta-Wahi's treacherous magma streams on his lava board." Isn't this too much?

And --- there are five other Toas; Toa of Ice, Toa of Streams and Rivers, Toa of Rocks, and Toa of the Underground. Besides their own environments, each has their own special powers. Their names are impossible, they are as ugly as sin, but the environments are fantastic and the game is fun. The controls are simple to use and hitting the insect-like evil creatures is easy because they are targeted automatically when they come within range.

There are Lego construction toys on the market so if you feel the need for your very own Toa you can have one. A movie is supposed to be coming out with the same name. Movie, toy, books - what else? Lunchbox and sandwich bags?

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/03

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