Boing! Docomodake  - Review

Boing! Docomodake
Ages: Everyone

Side scrollers will be with us forever; what I look for is some clever approach that makes the play new and exciting. Slime was one of those, where you stretched the jelly-like pseudopods to move. In Bong ! Docomodake you strategize by using little helper units to get to inaccessible spots.

Yes, there is a story. Papa Docomodake has to collect his large family that has wandered off, so that they can all go to the summer festival. Papa has some ability to proceed on his own by using the d-pad, and the X and B buttons. The touch screen is used for the Minis - smaller versions of Papa that can be moved, stacked to make footholds and ladders, and rolled to make a missile. They have to be managed and gathered back into Papa. Papa shrinks as he releases Minis - a good thing to get through small places, but not when Papa needs the weight to trip a switch. Finishing a level will reward you with one of the errant Docomodakes.

The music is quieter that the usual carny sounds and pleasant and relaxing. Backgrounds are simple, with graphics focusing on the near environment and the characters. There is a generous tutorial and help is easily available by clicking on the question mark.

Two person wireless single card play. Nice.

Fun Factor: Engaging play substitutes strategy for double jumping
Female Factor: Sigh! Papa finds mama, grandma and daughter
Player Friendly: Excellent manual, tutorial and help. 2 person wireless play with one card.

Reviewed by: Editor - 04/09

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  • Platform(s): GBDSDS
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