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Bratz Super Babyz

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I opened this game with trepidation. Previous Bratz games have focused on clothes, makeup, and shopping delivered with overwhelming saccharineness, so I couldn't imagine what they would do to babies. Well thankfully, they are doing neighborhood service, which mostly involves rescuing pets while at the same time picking up 5 diamonds - on each level. Eventually they go to Adventure Universe where they meet up with their Super Buds, do numerous fetch quests and eventually become Super Babyz with special powers, defeat the aliens and save Stilevsille - Power Puff Girls look out!

The game is strictly linear - no moving on until you have accomplished all the missions; and there is no indication of what or how many there are or how many more need to be accomplished. Games with multiple missions routinely provide this information for their players. There are additional mini-games - dress up, a carnival ball throwing game, and targeting aliens with a beanbag slingshot. There is a multiplayer mode for those who also have the game card.

The touch screen is used for a map, and you are better off ignoring it and navigating from the top screen. The stylus is used only in the mini-games and not to move the characters. A couple of mini-games stand out. The bean bag slingshot, where you pull back on the sling to shoot. The amount of pull determines the distance the bag flies. And there is a mystery house where your navigation creates the map. Nice little graphic touches - dark abysses with glowing eyes, and ghost and bats that diminish your life - a gem.

While there is plenty of play in the game, it is flat and lacks sparkle. The idea of Babyz was novel but they didnít grow the concept - so now they fly instead of walk. There is essentially no use of the touch screen. For this small area of action the stylus would have been perfect. This game is made for young kids but there is little attention to giving enough direction. Mini-games start out without information as to what is desired and then there is no announcement that the game has been won - only "Game Over". Kids will not be able to go back and check on the directions. In one case, gathering the number of items in a set time wasn't enough - the items had to be returned within the time frame. More care is needed to prevent confusion and frustration.

If your little girl is enamored of the Bratz she will not notice these deficiencies. And as characters, they are less slutty than their grown up counterparts. In fact - almost wholesome.

Fun Factor: Only for the young.
Female Factor: The kids are OK
Player Friendly: Lack of instruction makes for frustration.

Reviewed by: Editor - 06/08

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