Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer - Review

Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer
Ages: Everyone 10+

You don't expect to get from Brave to Warrior in just a few steps, do you? Hey, it's more like getting to be an Eagle Scout -- you have to earn it. While the story in the instructional book talks about Wendigo you will not meet him until the final battle. Meanwhile you are wandering around and picking up skills. There are many, and they feel very appropriately tuned to Indian lore. You will have to learn fishing, mimicry, tracking, climbing, diving and acquire shamanic sight. Mimicry is the most important, because it not only attracts animals to you but also allows you to inhabit their bodies. Every time you acquire a skill Brave arches back as though struck by a powerful force. Surprised me at first I thought he was having the fits. You also have to collect totems from different animals while avoiding bees, ants, spiky red plants, nettles, and queen beetles to advance to a higher level.

There are various spirits; wolf, bear, eagle, thunderbird, vulture, buffalo, some friendly some nasty. Besides canoeing and flying the eagle, you will have to negotiate turning and spinning platforms, and collapsing stairs and rocks. Finally, after you have found the Spirit Dancer you are prepared for the final boss battle with the Wendigo.

Help is available through your talisman connection to Grey Bear and the map on the lower right corner with the red dot showing the way. Strangely there is no grab function or inventory if you are in the right place and do the right thing you get it. The graphics are a pretty good attempt at Saturday Morning rendering of what should be American Indian. The Brave character has disproportionately big feet and hands which moves the whole environment away from the realistic and into Disneyesque-cartoon land.

Fun Factor: A nice environment in which to play Indian
Female Factor: Meadow Flower sits on a rock
Player Friendly: Obviously made for kids with minimal button presses

Reviewed by: Editor - 05/07

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