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Britney' Dance Beat
Ages: Everyone

You can dance to Britney on almost every platform. The activity is the most interactive on the PS2 where you can dance in your living room with dual controllers, or hook up a dance pad and move your body. Although the activity is rated for everyone I have never seen anyone over 20 who can keep up with more that the first lesson.

You dance by responding to directional signals at the right time. You can respond with your fingers on the controller or you can use the dance pad so you can watch the dancing and let your feet do the moving. If you go the dance pad route make sure that you get a substantial one. Thin ones wear out quickly and are slippery. The music is the familiar Britney songs. The better you dance, the more back stage videos you can see and they are pretty good. My, that Britney works hard!

This game goes up against Dance, Dance Revolution Konamix by Konami. How to make a choice? Well, if you are a Britney fan there is lots of Britney in this one and if you only have a PC the Britney Dance Beat is your only choice. However, the Konami version has more complex variations and is focused more on competition.

Editor's Review 8/02

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