Bust A Move Millennium - Box

Bust A Move Millennium
Ages Everyone

This game is almost like an arcade game. The object of the game is to not let your bubbles stack up past the black line before your opponent's bubbles do. You must aim a ball so that when it is released, 3 bubbles of the same color touch. Then they will burst and disappear. If not then they will stay there and if they continue to build up, they will pass the line. I found this game to be very engaging, especially for someone who enjoys arcade games. You can play in an endless or a clearance stage and you can even play against someone on a different Game Boy. Once you choose the Clearance stage, you can play in Puzzle mode or in Challenge mode. There is also Story mode which consists of an actual story with cute characters. This game has many options so you can play for as long as you want to, which will most likely be a long time.

Ed Note: A split screen option for two player play is available that works with a Game Link cable. The game will also appeal to those who like Tetris, and who doesn't?

Reviewed by Julia R. 12/00

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