ClueFinders 4th Grade Adventures - Puzzle of the Pyramid - Box

ClueFinders 4th Grade Adventures - Puzzle of the Pyramid
Ages 8-10+

More game play than you bargained for. Even if you can breeze thought the puzzles it takes about lemme me see I have to do the math. 120 puzzles in Cairo, 120 in The Nile kingdom, don't bother to count the ones in the temple equals about 240 puzzles, - figure a half an hour to do ten = 12 hours. Not counting for thinking time, it takes that much time for this fast dude to do it so relax don't expect to do it in a weekend. Otherwise there is a pretty good variety in the games. Good balance of puzzles between language math, logic science, geography, history.

I like the setting in this one best Egypt, mummies and an evil archaeologist bent on unleashing an ancient evil force upon the world. Will he? Well, you just have to do all and I mean all of the puzzles to find out. If you think you already know what will happen, or get tired of doing the puzzles over and over you can just go to the practice section and play them as long as you want. (and you can send me e-mail and I'll tell you how the story turns out).

Oh, and about the skills you will exercise word bridges for spelling, spatial problems using angles and mass (easy peasy) sentence construction, reading, using maps and graphs and building columns using fractions.. My only complaint is that once you have solved the problem are you finished. Noooo! You have to do it over at least four to five times. Even the ClueFinders get exasperated. This game comes with an extra disk of games that leads out with, "Twice the Adventure". You've been warned!!

Editor Review 6/02

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