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Chicken Litttle
Ages: Everyone -- 10+

I first played the game and it was so good -- I went to see the movie. There's lots of talk about the Disney animation which I disregarded but the expressions on the animals are most refreshing and they telegraph intent and emotions in a wonderful way that adds to the game.

Story synopsis: Chicken Little loses rep when after an acorn bonks him, by spreading a false alarm, "The sky is falling" He is tormented by bullies. Regains some respect by winning in a baseball game. When aliens do invade the earth he must rely upon his misfit friends to save the town and his rep.

This is a fun action packed game I was amused that the check points were big red checks and there were plenty of them. There is never a quiet moment - riding the pipes, avoiding falling school lockers, using soda as jet packs, skirting danger with hover boards slingshots and his yoyo. Dodge ball and baseball requires you to play the two games. Eventually the action goes into space as you must get into the alien ship to rescue "Fish out of Water" You get to use the Alien (spider) Walker, surf through numerous tubes, drive a fire truck, foil the alien security system to rescue Dad.

There are 23 levels at last count and each one has mods to the usual jump, dodge and shoot. The scenes are up to movie level, lush and detailed. Voice acting is pleasant and the jokes don't grate. The game "fits" and feels good.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/05

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