Christina Aguilera - Follow Your Dreams - Box

Christina Aguilera - Follow Your Dreams
Ages 8 and Up

I thought that the game wasn't that interesting even for a fan. I was able to finish it (I tried everything) in about 15 minutes...basically it didn't last. The quizzes where you find out about yourself your dreams and your aspirations didn't seem to make sense. My friend Sarah and I both agreed that a fan who bought the game would have been more interested in learning more about Christina than in finding out about themselves. The section with the pictures of Christina is more of what we liked although it wasn't spectacular and the scrapbook section seemed almost pointless. We both agreed that if you were a fan you buy the game, not to play, but to have as a collector's item! These were my and Sarah's opinions.

Reviewed by Julia R.

  • Christina Aguilera - Follow Your Dreams
  • © Knowledge Adventure/Simon&Schuster 3/01 $15.99
  • Windows 95/98
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