Cubix - Robots for Everyone - Showdown - Box

Cubix - Robots for Everyone - Showdown
Ages: Everyone

I almost passed over this one. The box shows giant battling robots shooting fire and electrical bolts. But, this is really gentle fighting. Still, you have a choice of a standard, aggressive or defensive attack. Your patient battle instructor sounds exactly like the Aah-nold and you are cheered on by Connor and Abby. To win a round you must be able to stop the target wheel on the blue segment. The most important thing is to pick a robot that has a high damage rating and is a powerful type against your opponent’s robot. Every robot you defeat is added to your team – there are 32 robots to pick from. And that’s not all, there are 16 mini-games to provide a break from the battles. The strategy and score keeping make for a good mental workout.

The story mode, should you choose it, has you restoring infected robots to health by winning a battle with them. Once you have beaten them – they are added to your army of robots. There are additional modes to play – battles, challenges and tournaments. One to four players can play with additional controllers or two player can take alternating turns. Lots and lots of amusing game play in this one. The variety seems endless.

Reviewed by: Editor - 06/03

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