Daria Sick, Sad Life Planner - Box

Daria Sick, Sad Life Planner
Age Teen

Microsoft Office it's not, but it does have a calendar, a planner and you can set a reminder to alert you to important dates. It has an address book with room for notes and a password protected journal. With a press of a button, Daria's flat, sarcastic voice will give you an inspirational message for each day in the year - and they are pretty lame - but as the title says - Sick, Sad. There is nothing fancy about this product but it will appeal to the world weary teenager

Reviewed by: Genevieve 6/00

  • Daria Sick, Sad Life Planner
  • © Macmillian Digital Publishing/Simon & Schuster Interactive 1999 $19.95
  • Windows 95/98
  • Game Site www.SSInteractive.com
  • To Order: SSInteractive 1-888-793-9972