Dark Fall - Box

Dark Fall
Ages: Teen-Mild Violence

Your brother has disappeared somewhere in an old abandoned hotel by an underground deserted train station. His urgent call has been cut off by something at the door of his hotel room. You of course will try to find him. It starts off promising, with a child's voice leading you on. As you wander through the hotel picking up metaphysical clues to the final puzzle, lights go out, eerie sounds and conversations from the ghosts of the past accompany your searches. This is not an easy game. The pieces to the puzzle are hard to find, and some areas in the hotel are easy to overlook. I had to rely on a walkthrough for parts of the game. The box copy says "prepare to enjoy getting the willies scared out of you". I didn't find it scary - dark and confusing - yes. But if you want to wander through a defunct hotel, with lots of strangely decorated rooms and hear voices from the past - be my guest. Probably just right for Halloween.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/03

  • Dark Fall
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