Deadly Chocolate - Super Sleuth Series - Box

Deadly Chocolate - Super Sleuth Series
Ages 8 and Up

I wish the game were as good as the title. The format for the game requires you to send the right member of the team to a location to get a clue. The TKKG team has to discover the person threatening to poison all the chocolate in the candy factory.

Unfortunately, you often have to send out all four characters to visit the site before you hit upon the right character that gets the clue. It is a strange game design and it slows down the game immeasurably

You have a choice of English or German. The lip sync is better in German. Tivola has come out with some great new and inventive stuff but this adventure of the TKKE team is not one of them. There are better mysteries around.

Editor Review 12/00

  • Deadly Chocolate - Super Sleuth Series
  • © Tivola 1999 $19.99
  • Windows 3.1/95 Mac System 7.1
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