Dinotopia - Box

Ages: Everyone

The graphics in this game are particularly good. The main character jumps, flies on a Skybax dinosaur, and navigates a submersible craft as he tries to recover dinosaur eggs He must return them to keep the dinosaur from invading his home land. Five different levels and three different navigational methods add to the interest in this side scroller.

Editor Review 7/02

This game is very fun for a game about dinosaurs. I thought it would be boring because I thought the game would only be about dinosaurs. I was wrong ... once again. It was very fun. You play as this treasure-hunter named Clayton. You are asked to go on a mission to find stolen dinosaur eggs. You must fight off dangerous pirates to find these eggs. The pirates are looking for the Timestone, a mythical treasure. Oh, did I mention you get to ride a dinosaur? Yup ... I've always wanted to ride a dinosaur (hee hee). Anyway, the game is very interesting, fun, and adventurous. I know that if you play this game, you will have a lot fun. I recommend this game to girls (and boys) between the ages of seven and fourteen.

Reviewed by Sabrina R.

  • Dinotopia
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