Diva Starz - Box

Diva Starz
Ages 6 & Up

Four divas sit around the coffee shop and offer encouragement as you try to pick the right hair style, the right clothing, the right music for one of the selected divas. Make the right selection and you get token that you can use to play games at the arcade and to win credits to buy presents for the Diva Starz. The music spot has the best choices, the clothes spot has a small boring selection. The manual that goes with the game makes it seem there is a lot to play in this game - but there isn't. There are plans to bring out Diva Starz ‘interactive' dolls that will talk to you. Wonder what they'll say.

Editor review

  • Diva Starz
  • © Mattel Interactive 2000 Price $19.99
  • Windows 95,98 iMac OS8.1 or higher