Emergency Disaster Squad - Review

Emergency Disaster Squad
Ages: Everyone 10 +

What a surprise - and fun too! I was expecting to have to control vehicles and race down city streets. This is completely different, not frenetic, but players need to plan their strategy well - and time is of the essence. In my first try, I didn't rescue one victim and the car blew up before I got around to putting out the fire. But one learns through mistakes.

There's a hint icon on screen that clues you in to the next action. At the beginning, there is additional help on how to play the game. Game play involve figuring out how to solve the situation - do you employ the firefighters first, or attend the victims? I neglected to use a firefighter to cut a victim out of a crushed car - he died. Player initiates the rescue by poking the service personnel on the touch screen and sending them into action. Such fun seeing people and vehicles move about the screen. Sixteen Tons has gotten the details so good that you can actually make out the red cross on the bag carried by the paramedic. So how come some of those games that shall remain nameless can't get better sprites in their games?

Five different scenarios will engage the player: In town disasters, Mass pile up on the freeway; Forest fire; Airport disaster; and Earthquake. Each of the scenarios contain four different missions. Instructions are displayed on the top screen. The game is all touch screen. A colorful and detailed manual gives plenty of instructions. It might be useful to check out the command icons, since they are pretty small on the screen and you have to make choices quickly.

So - dive into disasters, fire, explosions, accidents, earthquakes and start earning gold medals.

Mamual gives sufficient information - but nowhere does it mention "Saves"! No excuses!

Fun Factor: Game is carefully done. Realistic involved situations.
Female Factor: Can't tell
Player Friendly: Good manual helps you get started.

Reviewed by: Editor - 07/09

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