Final Fantasy Echoes of Time - Wii - Review

Final Fantasy Echoes of Time - Wii
Ages: Everyone +10

It was the DS to Wii connectivity of the game that captured my attention. Both platforms are so popular that the possibility of households having both is very high. It's novel with the Wii in the background. Some difficulties are the same for two person play - locating the other player. I'm glad they did it - but it is the game after all that counts.

Ah yes multiplayer. The games is the same on the Wii , exactly the same, even up to the two DS screens. The Wii, not noted for its precise control, falls short when compared to the silky smooth controls of the DS. Making the characters larger, doesn't give them better definition. It was a good experiment - I would rather play the game on two DS's

Fun Factor: Play it on the DS
Female Factor: You can select the gender of the protagonist
Player Friendly: Good early hints - Too infrequent Save Stones.

Reviewed by: Editor - 06/09

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