Dirge of Cerberus -- Final Fantasy VII   - Review

Dirge of Cerberus -- Final Fantasy VII
Ages: Teen

We have here another sequel to the most favored of games - Final Fantasy VII. Vincent Valentine, who was last seen in VII Advent Children reappears to continue his story. Not quiet man, a repository of Chaos and matera, he appears in his red cloak ready to do battle with the Deepground soldiers who want to revive the Omega weapon and annihilate all human life. Players interest in his background, his multifaceted past, his vacillation between good and evil, the competing forces that dwell within his body makes him an excellent character for a full hero's tale.

Through the game, we will find out why the Deepgrounders need Vincent, and at the same time do a lot of fighting. Sadly, this turns out to be mostly a shooter, and there are plenty of customizations for his weapons, aiming options, and magic attacks. Let us not forget that Cerberus is Vincent's three barreled shotgun. There are gorgeous cut scenes but cut scenes don't make a game. I want my old Final Fantasyback.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/06

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