Final Fantasy The Crystal Bearers  - Review

Final Fantasy The Crystal Bearers
Ages: Teen

Hurrah - a Final Fantasy for the rest of us. Finally, we get to roam through spectacular lands, play beautiful creatures, even win the boss fights! You play the main character, Layle, who as a Crystal Bearer has powerful magic - sufficient to defend and defeat without an arsenal of weapons. Death is highly unlikely and reversing a fatal fall is simple with Layle's awesome grab power. There is no, let me repeat it, no double jumping. Players merely have to point to the next highlighted spot. Sure you can collect, buy and trade, keep stats, but you don't have to. Instead. spend you energy figuring how to get from here to there because there isn't a reasonable map. Characters are super sized - the good, bad and ugly. With no weapons except your own power - you learn to dodge, avoid and make do with whatever is at hand.

The plot involves searching for crystals that are necessary for the rejuvenation of an ancient tribe, the Yuke, thought to have become extinct. It is not clear whether the sole survivor, Amidatelion, is villain or victim, nonetheless the pursuit continues throughout the game.

A nice thread running through the game is the concern for the planet, conservation and the use of a more efficient energy than the crystals. It touches base with our contemporary concerns. The manual has the beginning player in mind with a detailed introduction to starting the game, saves are clearly mentioned and plenty of colored screen shots.

Core gamers will feel that this game is a debasement of the Final Fantasy enterprise because it is too easy, but for the rest of us - it is an opportunity to finally play though and enjoy a Final Fantasygame.

Fun Factor: A FF game for the rest of us.
Female Factor: Mostly as secondary characters.
Player Friendly: Excellent manual - easy playing - plenty of saves.

Reviewed by: Editor - 01/10

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