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Freddi Fish 5 - The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove
Ages 4 - 7

Rebecca - one of our young reviewers makes a point the we have often made here - that games are often rated at a much younger age than the actual age of those kids who comfortably play and enjoy these games. In the case of Freddi Fish 5 the navigation is complicated and would be difficult for kids at the younger end of the range. On the other hand, smart kids like Rebecca (age 10) who still enjoy these games might be turned off by the stated age range. After all, if you are 10, you don't want to be seen playing a game for a 7 year old. That's only OK for us much older kids.
(Editor's Comment)

I now have played the game though twice and it seems great, there are only a few things I would change: It was a bit confusing for me to find my way around even the second time, so maybe they could have made a little map in the corner somewhere. I also would change the ages, I do NOT think a four year old could do this. I'm ten, and I STILL like it, I would say...4-10, or even 4-11.

I also think that it was confusing to remember all the things you needed to do, get, etc. Maybe, after you have figured out all the things you need to get, you could put it on a list or something. One more thing, I was confused about what to do with the map and the do-list. I tried every thing, so FINALLY I looked on the help thing (F1) and it said to show it to other people. Maybe you could subtly say that with Freddi. Maybe when she gets the map she could say "I'll need some help figuring out how to read this." or something. That's all I would change.

I really thought this game was fun though because the characters did not tell you exactly what they want, you've got to figure it out for yourself. (I know that kinda' contradicts what I just said before, but it was just TOO hard).

Reviewed by: Rebecca L, Age 10

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