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Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup
Ages: Everyone

The most interesting thing about this game is that it is the first sporting game to be wholly invented for the computer. In going through the rule book - it seems impossible that this construct came totally from the mind of J.K. Rowling. The game is a mix of basketball and football - making goals with plenty of jostling and roughhousing. All this while flying on a broomstick. You don't have to choose what position you play. You play them all - Chasers, Beaters and Seekers, which adds to the quickness and complexity of the game. Chasers pass the Quaffel and score goals; Beaters are the bat wielding defensive players, protecting the Chasers; and finally the Seeker must find and capture the Golden Snitch. Because of the high points given for the Snitch (150 points) the Seeker is often the hero of the game. The action is so fast that you can practically feel the wind in your hair.

The graphics of Hogwart are nothing new - you have already played Quidditch in The Sorcerer's Stone. But, the scenes in the World Cup Finals are interesting because they take the players out into the world. The cheering crowd is a surprising and nice addition. The game will take some time to get the hang of for those unfamiliar with Harry Potter. Is anyone out there who is unfamiliar with Harry Potter?

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One of the best thing about Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup is flying - feeling the wind in your hair, hearing the crowd below cheering you on. None of this comes through in the GBA version. This game is beyond what the GBA can deliver. The figures are so small that it is difficult keeping track of who you are currently playing. This one is for the real Harry Potter aficionados who need to carry Harry in their pocket.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/03

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