Happy Feet - Review

Happy Feet
Ages: Everyone

Happy Feet is a game based upon the movie of the same name. Ostensibly, those who enjoyed the movie might want to purchase the game. Since I don't always go to the movies that games are based upon, I often wondered how close to the movie the game would be. So, I went to the movie, tagging behind some kids -- and then opened the game. I am happy to say it's as perfect a match as could be. If you loved the movie you would love the game.

Each stage of Mumbles' life and adventures, from hatching, becoming an outcast, his romance with Gloria, encounters with raptor-like Skuas and an elephant seal, being accepted by the Adelie Amigos a smaller breed of penguins and eventually meeting up with humans, is covered. Each episode has is own dance, belly sledding and swimming activity. Players can win gold, silver or bronze medals. Winning gold will unlock a movie episode. With enough gold you have the entire movie. One of the ways the designers avoided discouraging younger players is, if they don't pass a mission in two attempts, they can still proceed with the game, though they don't earn the points for that mission. Hey, that's what I have been asking for us grownups for years.

Reviewed by: Editor - 01/07

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