Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban - Box

Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban
Ages: Everyone

First off, it is true to the book and to the movie and that makes it just right for reliving a sojourn at Hogwarts. You face the Dementors early in the game and they appear to leap out of the monitor. There are plenty of games - Buckbeak's bat chasing, owl racing and dueling but no Quidditch. You have to go to the Quidditch game for that. You play as Harry, Ron and Hermione. Harry of course is best and you play them only one at a time. It would be groovy if you could direct your friends like the Rainbow Six team.

The game is darker than the previous ones -- as it is with the book and the movie. Harry is pursued by Sirius Black who is seeking revenge for thwarting, "you know who's" schemes. While keeping out of the way of the Dementors and Sirius you still have to go to school. So there are plenty of tasks to be done, cards to collect and Gryffindor's honor to be kept bright. There are more spells in this game as Harry becomes more advanced in the magic arts and it's always nice to be back at Hogwarts. Hope Electronic Arts comes out with a new game for Christmas. The game comes out in all platforms. Our Game Cube version allows connection with the GBA for a Owl Care Kit.

Reviewed by: Editor - 09/04

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