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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Ages: Everyone (under 10 with help)

I've played both this version and the PC version and I like this one much better. At first they didn't seem like the same game. The PS2 version has early levels such as training at the Weasley's Grange which involves zapping gnomes, spinning them around and flinging them, like a hammer thrower, over the wall. After that, a misguided transportation spell lands Harry a castle where he has to find his way through a warren of rooms and corridors before he even makes it into town. All this before he gets into the flying car and crashes into the Womping Willow, which is where the PC version starts.

Harry's moves are incredibly realistic. Besides running, it's fun to have him crouching low and creeping or sneaking flat against the wall. In town, he hops up and down curbs, opens doors by pushing against them and manages to avoids bumping to people. His cape even furls out behind him when he is running. All this helps to pull you into the game. The environments, such as the town, seem vast which heightens the excitement of being able to endlessly explore.

For help and guidance, you have Rememberall which provides hints, keeps you posted as to what task you are in the midst of and keeps track of you inventory. Casting spells is not exactly easy, but easier than on the PC because you can have three buttons assigned to them. If you have read the book, or seen the movie you will know what to expect. There are some trials that did not appear in the movie (can't say about the book) like the swinging blades that you have to get past which are perfect for the game format. The game engages you in ways that the movie does not and the whole environment so engaging that it will even appeal to an older crowd that hasn't even cracked a Harry Potter book.

Reviewed by: Editor - 01/03

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