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InuYasha: Feudal Combat
Ages: Teen

InuYasha: Feudal Combat is an anime brawling game with Inuyash and some of the characters from the TV show on Cartoon Network. Don't know the Cartoon Network? Well then you will have to make do with the descriptions in the manual. InuYasha, Sesshomaru, Sango, Naraku. Koga, and Kahaku are basically the more aggressive fighters, while Kagome, Miroku, Kagura, and Kikyo are the more defensive ones and have magical or healing powers. Most of characters have grudges against one or another. Since you will be picking partners, it's important to know something about their histories when you decide whom to choose as your partner and who will be your opponent.

There are four fighting modes to select from. Each mode gives you a choice of fighting solo or with a partner.

Story Mode -- A slim storyline about a main character interspersed with lots of battles.
Mission Mode -- You are given various missions to accomplish.
Battle Mode -- As it says -- you fight.

Fighting mostly involves button mashing, and there is a special power move that is available when your spirit power gauge is full. You can control the action of your partner, so that she mimics your actions and attacks a different opponent than you are attacking; both of you can concentrate on a single opponent or your partner can act as your shield. I found that it was easier to fight solo at the beginning 'cause my partner kept getting in my way. Later, as it becomes more difficult you will want the assistance of a partner. The game reminds me of Soul Calibur but it is easier and doesn't take itself so seriously. Therefore, for casual gamers it is more fun.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/05

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