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Jimmy Neutron - Jet Fusion
Ages: Everyone

This kid gets into more trouble with his scientific inventions. Which makes it necessary for you to help him make more scientific inventions to get him out of trouble. This is pretty much the formula for a Jimmy Neutron game and gives one a slight feeling of deja vue. JN, clever genius has decided to create a Virtual World to enliven his book report. Of course this means that YOU have to find the parts (while dodging bullies) to make the Virtual World Reproduction Machine. This virtual world has some of the attributes of a nightmare where people and familiar places become sort of twisted. Friends become foes and foes become even foeier. In each virtual world you must battle the local goons and create the necessary machine to get you to the next level. Virtual worlds consist of an Asian Village, replete with ninjas, a volcanic tropical island where you have to dodge cannibals and crocs and the high and low seas which allows you to navigate a submarine. The character is cute, the colors are colorful and Jimmy Neutron is as much as a nerd as he ever was. Neutron fans will have double the enjoyment.

Jimmy Neutron - Jet Fusion

In the GBA version of this game, the names are the same but the action, quests, and enemies are different enough to make a different game. This is not a criticism - the game is fun and I like the isometric world in which JN navigates.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/03

The main point of this game is to have Jimmy collect items that will help him rescue the famous Jet Fusion. Starting at his school, Jimmy begins traveling through a series of worlds. The items that he needs to collect can be put together to make different inventions. When he finds all the parts then he can gain entry to a new world. At each level it gets tougher. You have to be on the lookout for bullies or later Ninja gardeners!

I like the game. I reviewed Jimmy Neutron VS Jimmy Negatron for the PC and this is so much better. It looks so much better and using the controller instead of a keyboard is so much easier.

In the opening sequence at Jimmy's school you have to find some way to get past the bullies with sunglasses on. Jimmy's pulse light ray doesn't work on them. It was kind of confusing why the ray didn't work at first. You have to find out how to avoid them- cause I still haven't found out if I can zap them!

The game play can be frustrating if you haven't read the instruction manual to help you with the "hints" as game play continues. I find it interesting to try and find all the parts without looking at the radar. I can't figure out how to turn it off.

Although the game doesn't change, I still want to play it again. There are more levels to get through before the "rescue." The Game Cube graphics look just like the cartoon. I like the 3D look and I like the bright colors. They are cool. The voices are just right. Jimmy's teacher, Miss Fowl sounds just like a bird when she squawks!

The music is not annoying. You can turn it off or adjust the volume high to low. The game is a single player only game with no side games. It is rated E for Everyone. It says mild violence and I think that is when Jimmy zaps people with his pulse light ray. I think that the recommended 6 and up should be more like 7 and up with added help from an older kid or an adult. I don't think six-year-olds can read the manual or figure out some of the "hints" without help.

I haven't had any difficulties playing the game. If I made this game I would like to see more two player options so you can play them when you have a friend over. It's kind of boring to just watch someone else play. Since they added in the game "commercials" for the new games they want you to buy, it might be kind of cool if they give you a "hint" or "cheats" that you can only get by watching the preview on this particular game.

Reviewed by: Josie S. Age 12 - 12/03

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